by Shumaila

After a week long blogging hiatus, I’m back. The reason for this absence was that I was busy preparing for our first house guests. V’s friends gave us the news last week that they were planning to pay us a visit over the weekend- and when I say they- I mean 6 people ( 3 couples) in total. Now, we have a 3 bedroom house, but, one of the bedrooms is converted into the study. So effectively, there are just two bedrooms. So, accommodating eight people ( six of them and two of us) was a task- more so, since we just have one bathroom. Also, since it was the first time they would be tasting my cooking, I had to make sure it had to be good- my reputation was at stake! So, the cleaning, setting the house, cooking and baking kept me busy the past week and I just couldn’t get to blogging. And, boy, I missed it!

Finally, Friday evening our friends arrived and so began the weekend roller coaster ride! :)! It was fun! A little overwhelming at places, but fun, nonetheless.

The first night we sat outside and drank- after a long time all the guys were together drinking- so they maxed out their capacities!

The second day, V showed them the mine. Later, we went bowling (it was my first time! and I beat V 🙂 !). I also learnt a new thing about V- he is a good pool player.

Once back home, we played poker, grilled some paneer tikkas, watched a horror movie, drank, chatted and ate lots. I also inaugrated our new cocktail shaker- and made a darn good mojito for myself!

The next day, after a really heavy breakfast of the best dal paranthas I have ever made, these guys left. The weekend finally came to an end. Though both of us were happy to get some rest, the house does feel awfully empty now.

Overall, it was a fun weekend. It was also the first time my trunks were going to be seen by someone besides V!

Yes! After weeks of working on them, I finally finished them a few days back. It was time well spent!

I had quite a few adventures painting them, though. While working on the first coat on the first trunk, I managed to paint my hair too. Fortunately, I was going to the salon for a hair cut, so the mishap didn’t do much damage! The first trunk was a trial run and well, even though V thinks it looks great, it could have been better. But, once you put so much of effort in something, even if its ok, you still are proud of it.

The second trunk was much better planned. Plus, I was equipped with a little experience now! Resulting in a much much better trunk. I know I did a good job on this one because our friends who came to visit just couldn’t believe I made this- one of them thought I bought it! :):) That just made my day!

I know this makes this blog sound a dedication to V, but the weekend also made me realize again what a wonderful husband I have. And, without him I wouldn’t have managed to stay so calm and relaxed. V helped me with the dishes, cleaning, and well, by just being there, he helped me a lot.