Painting 2

by Shumaila

I am back after a really fun filled weekend- went to Phoenix to visit our friends after a whole three weeks- so there was a lot of shopping and catching up to do. This time we were really lucky and got a great deal for a one night stay at the Hilton resorts, although, unfortunately, we were able to enjoy only a good night sleep there as we were out most of the time (we checked in at 1 at night-so you can imagine!).

Besides fun, there was also a lot of eating involved during our Phoenix stay. One of V’s friends’ had his birthday this weekend, and on Sunday his wife had invited all of us for a birthday lunch at their place. The night before, we all went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant Maggiano. Loved the food especially the Pesto chicken and the zuccini fritters. Their eggplant Parmesan was also pretty good. These dishes are on my To-Do list now :).

So, overall, the weekend was spent eating- a lot and late nights! As a result, my stomach started paining, yet again Sunday night. But, nothing a glass of warm water and a good night sleep couldn’t cure.

I did some painting on Monday. I had collected some broken pieces of wood and wanted to paint something on it. Decided to paint a butterfly on one, but lack of ideas and sheer impatience to wait for something better to paint, I just painted the rest two golden! (Yikes!)

I also added another painting to my collection. (I think I’m not ready for portraits yet :(! )