Oreo & Peanut Butter layered “Cakelets”

by Shumaila

Barring a few little frustrating events that happened, yesterday was a good day. It started with the wonderful news that my parents’ Canadian visa got through just a day before their flight. Had it not, they would have been with me this weekend, but at a cost of losing a few hundred dollars in flight cancellation, re-booking, etc. My mom’s parents and her brother stay in Canada and my parents’ plan was to first visit them and then come visit me. They have a ten year US visa but they needed a Canadian Visa. Never thinking that their Canadian Visa would pose any problem, they had booked their tickets some time back. But the Visa did cause a lot of last minute panic, and only a day before their flight to Canada did their passport arrive with the Canadian Visa stamped.

Happy with the news and excited that my parents will be visiting me two weeks from now, I left for the baby shower we were throwing for the mommy-to-bes. It was a triple baby shower and all three of the ladies are having boys, that too only a week apart from each other!

It was a fun filled baby shower with great food. We, bunch of ladies, could open a great restaurant with all the talented cooks we have. On the menu was  chicken enchilada, olive  mozarella salad, linguine pasta, homemade bread (which was really good), olive, pickle n ham on a stick, (taking a break to breath and wipe off the drool) BLT sandwiches, pakodas, jello snicker rice krispies, chinese noodles, lettuce and french dressed avocado and my contribution lentil samosas and mini oreo sandwich “cake”.

After a great time catching up and seeing the three mommy-to-bes tear up after opening their presents, I was back home to Target greeting me as soon as I opened our gate.

Then came the bonus to an overall great day- a weather with all the works- cool breeze, rain, thunder and a husband that thankfully showed up earlier than usual. To perfectly complement the downpour I made some onion pakodas and with some beer, they were perfect!

The icing on the cake came when I switched on the radio to have my current favorite song being aired- “Good life” by one republic.

With the good day I had yesterday, it really felt like a good life!



After I posted this, I read about Jennie and the death of her husband, Mikey. Mikey loved peanut butter pie and at the end of her tribute post for him, she requested everybody to make a peanut butter pie and share it with the people they love. The recipe today might not be of a pie but the intention is the same. The strange thing is that I made this peanut butter “cake” to celebrate the coming of three new lives into this world, not knowing about Jennie’s loss. And that’s the thing we need to keep in mind, life doesn’t wait for anyone and its important that everyday we live it like its our last and let the people whom we love know how much they mean to us.

Oreo & Peanut Butter Layered “Cakes”

The creativity behind these cakes solely lies here. I made about 15 “cakes” and hence the recipe calls for around 30 oreos in total. Reduce or increase the number of oreos required as per the final count of “cakes” you would like to have. You can also make a taller cake by adding another oreo cookie. You can also make lattice pies like shown here. I loved these “cakes” for two reasons- one, the taste- its as decadent as a dessert should be and two, its really simple and quick to make!