The past few days of cakes and celebrations!

by Shumaila

There’s no such thing

        as a perfect person-

but there is such a thing

        as a person who’s perfect for you…

and you’re that person for me!


So no matter what you might think

        is less than perfect about yourself-

it really doesn’t matter,

        because you’re prefect for me.

I wouldn’t change one single thing…

        I love you just the way you are.

                                                     – Dierdra Zollar

These are the wordings from the card that V gave me the day I arrived back from India.

Yes I am back. Finally.

After two and a half months away from home, and one and a half months away from V, I am finally back to our mining town life.

I have yet to start unpacking. I have yet to start cooking meals. I have yet to clean the house.

Bottom line, I have yet to get back to being the Novice Housewife.

I did get a start on it though, on 27th.

27th was also my birthday and I thought I’ll make myself a cake. I know its depressing that I made my own birthday cake, but there’s more to the story than that.

You all know about Rosie, don’t you, from the Sweetapolita fame?

Well, I saw this on her site and wanted to make it. I have Rose’s The Cake Bible, so looked up the recipe on that as well.

Now everything went well.

My batter did not curdle. It went inside the pan, like how Rosie described it should be when it is poured in the pan.

It baked well. Was springy to touch, and the tester came out clean. It smelled heavenly too.

And then my luck ran out.

Since I did not use parchment paper and only greased and floured the pan, when I turned the cake over, the middle refused to let go off the pan and only the corners came out, breaking the cake, and at the same time, breaking my dream of having that cake on Rosie’s site. 😦

I salvaged it though. I made a giant cake truffle bomb and frosted it pretty.

So even though it wasn’t the most perfect thing, it didn’t really matter.

I got to share it with the most perfect person.

And while the cake did not turn out as I planned, my friend got me cake that did turn out as she planned- a light and fluffy pineapple sponge cake! It was delish!

After a certain age, birthdays stop holding their charm, but I still think they hold a lot significance, because these are the days you realize that you are still special and cared for by the people close to you.

I won’t post the recipe today. Will post it when I get it absolutely right. Instead I will leave you with all the holiday goodness that I have baked and been treated to by friends and family over the past few days.

Hope you all had a v(m)erry special christmas and have an even better New Year!

The sugar cookies that my friend gave us for christams.

A pretty christmas fruit cake that I got from a friend just before leaving India.

It not only looked pretty, it tasted great too!

More christmas goodies!

(It’s P90X time- yup that’s what V gifted me on my birthday,

aside from the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag !)

The chocolate cake I made for my sister-in-law

just before leaving my parent’s place in India.

The ganache was to die for!

Happy Holidays!