Mascarpone Meringue Layer Cake

by Shumaila

I haven’t been feeling too motivated to blog. I really don’t know why. Just in that rut, I guess- the bloggers’ block. This blog was supposed to be about food as well as my life with snippets from my day to day life. You know, so that one day, when I or my kids or someone would read and say hmm so this was the day The Novice Housewife did this.

And, although things are happening in my life, there has been nothing worth writing about. And, even though I have plenty of recipes to share, I haven’t been blogging because I just don’t know what to write.

But today I can’t let my rut come in the way of sharing this recipe with you. Especially, more so because Valentine’s days is in two days.

And though I am not a Velentine’s Day celebrator, in case you are, you will have to make this.

And share it with that special someone.

Or not. And eat it all by yourself.

Now I love the dessert, pavlova, which is also a meringue based dessert. One of my friends, who is Australian, makes amazing pavlovas. The Friday gone by, she hosted coffee at her place and as always had made her signature dessert. After coming home from her house I kept craving for that biscuity dessert and I remembered about the Mascarpone Meringue cake that Rosie from Sweetapolita had made.

Oh Rosie, Rosie, Rosie.

Bow to you in gratitude for posting about this cake. And all the other cakes you post. You truly are an inspiration.

She found the recipe in Canada’s LCBO food and wine magazine. My mom’s brother works for the Liquor Control Board (LCBO) in Canada and the moment I read that this recipe was from their Food & Wine Magazine, I made a mental note to call him and tell him I want ALL the past issues!

So, today morning, all set to make this dessert, I got up early (well, as early you can on a Sunday morning), and quickly whipped up the egg whites- it takes 3 1/2 hours for the meringues to bake (2 1/2 hrs to bake and  1 hour with the oven off).

And then I made breakfast, lunch and waited.

This was my first time making meringues and they baked perfectly. They did not turn brown. Were dry and looked like I would have a biscuity crust. Score!

The Mascarpone whipped cream and the ganache did not take much time to make. Nor did assembling the cake. One of my New Year resolution was to make more layer cakes, and if all layer cakes were this easy, I would be making them every day.

Well, no, I won’t be. Unless there are people to take them off my hand.

The possibilities are endless- strawberry whipped cream meringue cake, or maybe a blueberry compote meringue cake.

Well, coming to what this post started with, years later when I do read this blog post, I’ll know that 2012 Valentine’s day pre-celebration was done in style.

And the fact that it was made two days earlier is just to show that you do not need valentine’s day to celebrate love!


I third the original recipe.

I wanted to make a 4 inch cake with three layers, but I did not have anything that was 4 inch in diameter to trace the circles on the parchment paper. I had a bowl which was 6 inches and thought to use that. As a result, my cake was 6 inch in diameter with only 2 layers.

Either way it tasted great. The measurements I used have been mentioned in the parentheses.

The cake is a bit messy but isn’t that true for love as well. Messy but totally worth it!  

Recipe Source: Sweetapolita


For the Meringue Base

  • 12 egg whites ( I used 4)
  • 2 1/2 cups granulated sugar (I used 1 cup minus 4 tbsp)
  • pinch salt

For the Chocolate Ganache

  • 18 ounce bittersweet chocolate, chopped ( I used 6 ounces)
  • 2 cups heavy cream ( 2/3 cup)

For the Mascarpone Cream Filling

  • 1 cup whipping cream ( 1/3 cup)
  • 2 tbsp sugar (2/3 tbsp)
  • 125 ml creme de cacao ( I used 2 tbsp Kahlua)
  • 2 cups softened mascarpone cheese ( 2/3 cup)


For the Meringue Base

  1. Preheat oven to 250 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. ( I used only one, but if you using the original recipe, line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.). Trace two 6 inch (or three 8 inch circles for the original recipe) circles on the parchment paper and reverse the sides (you do not want to scoop the meringue on ink). Set aside.
  2. Wipe your mixer bowl with paper towel to remove any traces of water and some vinegar, to remove any traces of grease.
  3. Beat the whites and salt, until foamy. As seen below. Sorry for the bad picture, but I was in a hurry when I took it.
  4. Once foamy, add the sugar, gradually and continue beating until it reaches glossy, stiff peaks. Like shown below.
  5. Using a small offset palette knife, spread an even layer (approx 1.5″ thick) of meringue over each of the circle outlines. I scooped the beaten whites in the middle of the traced circles, and then used the offset spatula to smooth it into the outlines.
  6. Bake the trays for 2.5 hours or until dry and crisp, rotating the pans every 20 minutes (to evenly bake the meringues). Leave in a turned off oven for another one hour.

Sweetapolita’s notes: You want to ensure that they are dry all the way through, so as long as they are not browning, you can keep baking them. Remove from oven and leave on tray in cool, dry area, until you are ready to use. Layers will likely have expanded slightly when baked. If you can only fit 2 baking sheets in your oven at once, you can bake the third one afterwards. You need a dry, biscuit like meringue.

For the Chocolate Ganache

  1. Place the chocolate in a medium bowl.
  2. Heat cream over medium heat. Bring to a boil and just as it is coming to a boil, switch off else, the cream will boil over.
  3. Pour the hot cream over chocolate. I, actually just add the chocolate to the pan. That ways only one utensil gets dirty.
  4. Whisk the chocolate and cream until smooth.
  5. Allow it to cool until thick enough to spread, but loose enough that it will spread easily.

Notes:  To thicken, cover and place in refrigerator. To loosen chilled ganache, you can microwave in 15 second intervals, stirring after each one, or place in double boiler for a few moments.

For the Mascarpone Cream Filling

  1. In a cold bowl, whip the cream with sugar, until thick.
  2. Add the kahlua, and whip again until it holds it shape.
  3. Place the mascarpone cheese in a medium bowl and whip it a little as well. Fold in whipped cream mixture.

Assembling the Cake:

1. Place 1st meringue layer on doily or cake round. With a small offset palette knife, spread 1/3 of mascarpone cream filling over layer. With a clean small offset palette knife, spread 1/3 of your ganache over cream.

2. Repeat using remaining layers, finishing with ganache.

Notes: Store cake in refrigerator. Cut using a sharp, non-serrated knife in a gentle sliding motion. This cake is best eaten within 1-2 days of being made.

*Update*: This cake tastes even better the next day, after a day in the refrigerator. And is definitely more easy to slice, when cold.

*Another Update*: Did you know that Feb 12th (the day I posted this recipe) was Anna Pavlova’s birthday. Anna Pavlova, was a Russian ballet dancer, in whose honor, somebody in Australia/New Zealand (the country of origin is a topic of debate), the dessert Pavlova was created and as such named. Though this is not a Pavlova, (a Pavlova has the the addition of cornflour in it, which results in the pavlova having a crisp and crunchy outer shell, and a soft, moist marshmallow-like center, unlike meringue which is usually solid throughout) it kind of  was a freaky coincidence for me to make this on the same day as her 131st birthday.

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