Shifting to

by Shumaila

Hi everyone!

I wanted you all to know that I will now be blogging from (yes, I am no longer THE novice housewife. Now I am just plain ol novice housewife!)

Hopefully, this blog’s traffic will be automatically redirected to my new site, but I haven’t yet figured out how to transfer my followers automatically. So, that means the new site starts with zero subscribers. 😦

To make things easy for you, I will manually add the existing subscribers to the new site’s email list. If you want to continue receiving updates from  me (and I hope you do), all you have to do is confirm the subscription when it comes to your email. 


(Update:  WordPress support was very helpful and did manage to move my existing subscribers to the new domain. Hopefully, the move has been successful. If you are still not getting my email updates, I would like you to head over to and subscribe again. I am really sorry for the inconvenience and the bombardment of mails, if there have been any!)

I am really working on improving the new site including a print recipe option within each post and there are plenty more recipes to come your way.

If you find your email box flooding with emails and want to opt out, but would still like to receive updates from me (trust me, you really do!), you can choose to follow me on Facebook or Twitter instead.

Hope to see on the other side of the blogging world!