Garam Masala Tuesdays

In April 2011, I started a new weekly thing on my blog called Garam Masala Tuesdays.

The concept was simple- every week on Tuesday I’ll post an Indian recipe and will try to explain it to the best of my knowledge.

Why the name “Garam Masala Tuesday?

Well, for a long time, on most of these cooking show challenges, whenever some one is asked to make something Indian, more often than not they add garam masala to give it that Indian touch. That’s how most people outside India view Indian food to be. So thought the name would be apt. But that’s also one misconception that has been going around for a while. In fact, I hardly use garam masala in my cooking- a habit probably I get from my mom, and know a lot of other Indians who do not put garam masala in every dish that they make. Yes, garam masala is integral to Indian food but there is much more to the spices we use than just garam masala. And that’s what I hope to show you.

Not that I have become an expert on Indian cooking- but am learning my way through it and would like to help other people who would like to learn as well. A lot of people , especially where I stay in US, have shown interest in Indian food and so I thought of starting this weekly post on Indian food. Hopefully it would help you all in getting to know Indian food a little better.

The following is the list of the posts I have done in the past.

Happy Cooking!

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