Rich Chocolate Cake with Pink Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Chocolate Frosting

I am a leftover girl.

I love eating food that’s leftover from a party.

And if the party is hosted by me, then definitely I like the food more the next day.

Probably the effort that goes into it (even if its just a tad bit of effort), just puts me off my food the day its made.

If anybody else is cooking, then I don’t mind the food that day- in fact even at its worst I love food made by others! C’mon what’s there not to love about it- some one else has taken the effort, someone else is going to do the dishes, someone else has to worry about it being tasty. All that always adds to the taste.

But, my food, I always hate it the day I make it.

That’s what happened with this cake too.

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