Fig & Date Nut Torte

Thank god V is not a weather man. If V says its not going to rain, it surely will. If he says there’s going to be a massive downpour, it is going to probably be the hottest day ever. It’s now a joke. If I want to be sure of the weather, I just ask him to look into his heart and tell me whether it will rain or not. Whatever he says, I expect the opposite.

Coming to think of it, I think he should be a weather man. He should just say opposite of what he feels and he will do great as one!

So, when he said today that its going to be a really hot day and there won’t be any rain nor any clouds, I was positive it will rain and I was right!

And when it poured, I missed the date nut torte I had last week. How I wish I had a slice of it to eat and enjoy the rain! As I had not posted a recipe last time when I mentioned it, I thought what better day to post about it. Coincidentally, its my Mom-in-law’s birthday in India today and this goes out to her as well!

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