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January Recipe Swap: Crepes with Lemon Curd Whipped Cream

I actually forgot about this month’s swap. I do not know why, but I was under the impression that Christianna had said we will take a break for the month of January.

I guess it was the lazy-holiday bone in me that probably convinced my brain that we were on a break.

So when Christianna sent us a reminder last week, I was in panic.

I had nothing. As always.

And this time’s recipe swap asked us to do something I am really not comfortable with.

Use raw egg yolks!


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Learn how to turn a kitchen failure into a Success: Macaron Cake

Some are good at finance.

Some are better at marketing.

Some have an artistic bent.

I, on the other hand, have been struggling to find out what I am good at it.

And till recently, I was clueless.

I know I am a decent baker, but to say I am great at it, would be a stretch right now.

Thanks to this blog though, I have realized what my thing is.

My thing is…

*drum roll*



I am a problem solver!

Yup that’s my thing and that’s why God, the Almighty, keeps throwing these problems at me.

He is like,  

(For actual effect, imagine a figure in an angelic white robe with an ethereal aura talking in a god like tone saying this)

“Child, I know you are good at this and that’s why I give problems to you.”



So, you see, that’s my thing.

God keeps giving me problems. And I keep solving them :)!

Case in point:

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Lavender Chiffon Birthday Cake

It was my birthday yesterday and finally I turned 18 (or so I would like to believe..sigh…how I wish that was true!!!). Christmas is over but the hang over is still there. The weekend was spent in Vegas (I know- life is gooood!!). It was my first time there and after a long time I had so much of fun! Three days of drinking, eating, drinking, gambling, drinking, shows, lights and did I mention drinking?! Came back late night 26th since V was working on Monday, 27th – my birthday. Called people over for cocktails and cake- it was supposed to be a surprise but V had to tell me since the house was in a mess after the long weekend. So much for the surprise!

Luckily, the cake was already planned. A few days back I discovered Deeba’s blog, and was floored by her baking skills. The moment I laid eyes on her version of the Lavender Chiffon Cake, I knew this was it- this was the birthday cake I had to make. Impressed with the whole look of the cake I decided to replicate it. I tried my hand at the firm white chocolate ganache decoration too with a mango motif design, though with not much success. Of course, Deeba’s cake looks so much more beautiful and wish my pictures were as good (I should have photographed in day light- but the cake got ready in the evening, just in time for the party). Looks aside, the cake was excellent- just baked, it was springy to touch like a chiffon cake should be, and light as a feather! So what if my photography and decorating skills aren’t that good! As they say, you learn from your mistakes and am happy to come out of this as a more experienced decorator- I promise next time would be better.

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