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June Recipe Swap: A recipe full of failures!

After taking a break for the month of May, Recipe Swap is back for the month of June.

When Christianna had sent out the mail with the swap recipe of a mint pie, I knew instantly what I wanted to make. My friend has this super simple dessert recipe. She takes store bought shortbread crust and puts it in a pie dish and fills it with black cherry yogurt and freezes it till set. And that’s it. Another friend tried this recipe and got rave reviews. So I really wanted to try it. And I guess it fit well with the swap theme.

Since June is supposed to be the “watch what I eat” month- I decided I will make the shortbread crust at home rather than use a store bought one, having full control on what goes in the food I eat. I found a whole wheat shortbread crust recipe here.

But things did not go as planned.

For one I did not find black cherry yogurt in the store, which was not a big deal. I just decided to use some other flavor of yogurt.

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April Recipe Swap: Chicken Snails

As I started writing this post, I could hear the sounds of fighter planes (going about their routine sorties) in the background. And that was enough for nostalgia to sink in.

My dad is a fighter pilot for the Indian Air Force. My childhood has been spent in air force stations (or air force base as they are called in the US). And growing up, the sound of MiGs up in the sky was a common affair.

Sometimes our dads would have night flying. Those were much anticipated events for the wives and the children as well. For us kids, it meant meeting our friends past the regular day time hours and seeing air crafts take off on the runway at night. A truly incredible sight. Our moms would also pack a little snack or something for their kids and to share with everyone and it used to be a mini picnic of sorts. Those were fun days.

The recipe today has nothing to do with those days. In fact all this nostalgia started after I made this dish and made me reminisce the old days. I thought I would quickly share some of it with you.

Coming to this month’s recipe swap. I was supposed to post this recipe yesterday, as we always do for the monthly recipe swap. But somehow couldn’t.

This time Christianna had given us a vintage Ham snails recipe to play with.

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March Recipe Swap

For the month of March, our Recipe Swap group split in two for the first time. While one half would continue posting the first Sunday of the month, the other would now be posting a different recipe the second Wednesday of the month. Its a big change and I hate that the group is splitting, but the change means newer members- newer perspectives and interpretations of two different recipes each month. In a nutshell, the change means a lot of creativity to be inspired from throughout the month. And that’s a change I am looking forward to.

I chose to be part of the group posting the first Sunday of the month and honestly I was glad that I was, because it meant I had to swap a Pizza recipe.

The idea for the Recipe Swap was born out of a Vintage cookbook find by Christianna. Christianna decided to make her own recipes inspired by those in the cookbook. She also got a bunch of talented bloggers (and me) in on the idea and now, the recipe swap has been on for more than a year, each month the bloggers dishing out absolute delights that showcase their creativity. Of course, now the creative juices will be flowing into cyber space twice a month, starting this March.

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February Recipe Swap: Mary’s Rice Pie

For the month of February, Christianna of the Burwell General Store chose a wild rice dressing as the recipe to be swapped.

The rules of the swap are simple. Each month Christianna sends us a recipe from a vintage cookbook, to which we have to give our own twist by changing at least three things either in the recipe’s ingredients, or technique or both.

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