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Guest Post by Luv’n Spoonfuls: Gingerbread Cake

The past few days have been crazy busy but lots of fun nonetheless. I do miss not being able to write on my blog, but I am glad that its been taken care of by some really superb blogger friends of mine: Ameena, Jane, Sawsan and today Leigh from Luv’n Spoonfuls.

Leigh not only has great recipes with beautiful photographs on her blog, but all her recipes have a wonderful balance between flavor and nutrition. I don’t remember now how I stumbled upon Leigh’s blog, but am so glad I did because there is so much to learn about healthy food that tastes great too. You should read her soapbox section on how and why she insists on 100% organic ingredients.

Today, Leigh shares a wonderful Gingerbread cake recipe that not only looks delicious but is packed with stuff that screams good-for-you! 

Thank you Leigh for taking time out for my blog and sharing the perfect recipe for the coming holiday season!

Over to Luv’n Spoonfuls’ Leigh!

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Garam Masala Tuesdays & Guest Post for Ram Pyaari: Lotus Root Curry

The other day, when my friend Ram Pyaari asked me to do a guest post for her blog, I was more than thrilled.

Imagine, someone else wants my random blabbering on their blog, and that too, someone who is the author of an upcoming book (translation: knows what writing is all about, unlike me who just goes on and on in unwinding sentences, mostly boring people with my mundane housewife life.)

Yup, I was beyond thrilled. Of course, a few seconds later I had nervous sweat beeds all over my face.

If I am writing on a writer’s blog– I have to do a really good post. And there was this 50 kg load on my brain- and I was busy scouting for ideas that would result in an interesting blog post- worthy enough to be put on a writer’s blog. But then Ram Pyaari assured me its my random blabbering that she wants on her blog, along with a recipe of course.

Poor thing, what can I say, she really did ask for it!

So, there I was thinking what I could guest post about.

My first thought was to share my experience of the first thing I made at my in-laws place right after I got married- halwa!

What a disaster it was!

Luckily, my in-laws weren’t at home when the kitchen catastrophe happened and more luckily enough, their cook was, who came to my rescue and made a great halwa. I masqueraded that as mine and scored brownie points! Well, actually I did not. The honest-me could not take credit for someone else’s work and told them the truth. Well, we all had a good laugh. They liked that I made an effort in the kitchen, knowing very well I had not cooked at all before. Yup, I did score brownie points after all!

But, then today when I started writing the guest post, I wanted to write something else. Also, I had made this lotus root curry that I wanted to post about for Garam Masala Tuesdays. So, I scrapped the original plan and since Ram Pyaari’s book revolves around arranged marriages I thought I’ll tell my “arranged” marriage story today.

Head over to Ram Pyaari’s blog for the story !

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Garam Masala Tuesdays (or not): Cucumber Raita & Naan Pizza

Ok, I know I have been slacking with GMT. I did not post last week because I had other posts to catch up on (by the way, there are still 2-3 recipes in my drafts!) And this week again I could not post on Tuesday.

Its not that I did not have anything to post- I did make Indian- of course I made Indian– its what we eat everyday! But, I just did not get time. I would have posted on Tuesday- but then I was busy the whole day baking three layers of cake and in the evening we went to watch the new and final movie in the Harry Potter series (can’t believe it has come to an end!). Wednesday morning I was busy decorating those cakes- it was my friend’s daughter’s first birthday and I offered to bake a cake for her. In the evening was the barbeque she was hosting for all of us. I thought I’ll post on Thursday but our internet decided to give problems and I had no connection most of the day. Amidst all this I was also dealing with an ant infestation inside our house. Today, finally I found the root of the problem and sprayed tons load of insecticide and put a layer of turmeric powder (my mom says that helps keep ants away) on the crack from where these ants are coming. I hope I have solved the problem but any other suggestion is welcome for future reference!

Not that you asked, but for those of you were interested to know why I did not post, now know!

Since I have been slacking with GMT and haven’t posted for a while, I thought I would post two recipes today instead of the usual one.

And, I do realize its not Tuesday but well, we don’t need Tuesday to make Indian now, do we?

And since its a weekend I am posting recipes that you can whip up in minutes and have the whole day left to relax and unwind with your family! Read the rest of this entry »


Tzatziki dip is a traditional greek dip. Its made of greek yogurt mixed with grated cucumbers, garlic, olive oil. Greek yogurt is basically, strained yogurt – the consistency has to be thick for the dip. Like the yogurt, the cucumber should not be too watery. After grating the cucumber, make sure to squeeze it real hard to remove the moisture from the cucumber. Tzatziki sometimes also has dill, parsley, or mint for an added flavor. I used dill and love the flavor it adds to the dip. Its a great accompaniment to pita, or a great dip to serve with cut vegetables.

I made the tzatziki dip for the coffee morning at my place and it was a hit. I mixed the leftover tzatziki with some leftover coleslaw and added macaroni and some boiled potatoes to it. It was one of the best macaroni salads I have ever tasted.

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Since I am going to India in a few weeks time, I am in a major fridge cleaning spree. I know V won’t use any of the baking stuff that I have stored up and am sure they won’t last till the time I am back. I also have to make enough room in the fridge to stock up food for V’s coming forced bachelor days. At least for the initial few days- then he is on his own. I had been planning to make a cake for my mom’s birthday- which was yesterday, the Jan 12th. The idea was to make a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. But, then I had raspberries- so it became red velvet with raspberry cream cheese. But, there was no cream cheese in the fridge. Thought of going to the store to get some- and just as I was about to I remembered I had some greek yogurt that had been sitting in the fridge. Hmm…can I use it as a substitute- googled but did not find any confident yes in the search results. Tasted it and thought it might just work. So the cake became, Red Velvet cake with a raspberry greek yogurt filling. That’s what I thought!

I decided to make the filling first. Thank god that’s what I did. The yogurt creamed really good, but when I added the raspberry puree it thinned down. I tried thickening it, with my amateur techniques, but nothing helped. Looking at the consistency, I thought of turning that batter into cake batter. Added some flour, leavener, poppy seeds- and put it in the oven for it to do its trick! I decided to take the cake for my movie afternoon with my friends and they looooooved it- even the one who is on a strict diet and avoids all sweet stuff- she ate three pieces one after the other. I am so proud of myself! 🙂

(I just hope I wrote down all the components correctly! =/ )

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Yesterday, V and I called our Indian friends home for dinner. Fortunately, for me, this was not the first time they were having food cooked by me. I say fortunately, because, the food was not tasty, at all :(. I had made sookhe kale chane (dry black chickpeas), aloo sabzi (a spicy mashed potato dish), bhindi raita (okra in yogurt) and poori (a deep fried Indian flat bread).

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