Red Wine Granita

by Shumaila

I have never been a big fan of wine.

Actually I have never been a big fan of alcohol.

I don’t mind it but I am not a person who really loves it.

I like the occasional drink and love beer on a hot day.

But, I would be perfectly fine and in fact won’t be missing out on anything if I had to go without alcohol for a long time.

The times when I do feel like drinking is when I am out with my friends.

I guess its more the company and everyone letting go of their inhibitions to have a fun night, that makes alcohol more tempting to me.

And since I am not that big on drinking, my capacity is very low.

So while I might be younger in age than my other friends here, I’m a Roger Murtaugh (from the Lethal Weapon series) when it comes to too much alcohol.

“I am just too old for this s&*%”.

The above being made truer from the fact that I have only recently started enjoying wine (I always associated wine to be a mature person’s drink- with all the tannins that maketh the stuff).

But when it comes to food and all things sweet- oh please, bring on the alcohol!

So, liqueur filled chocolates, rum balls, vodka in pasta- love it.

Love it all.

I don’t even mind whiskey if its used to soak a cake. In that case I am all for hiccuping my way through.

And that’s why this red wine granita was just elixir to my mouth.

The granita is leftover from the poached pears I made three days back. The recipe for the granita can be found here.

I served the granita on grilled pancake batter. I had a box of store bought (DON’T judge me) pancake batter and wanted to finish it. I used my panini press for the grilling.You can, of course, serve the granita in a bowl, or over grilled fruit too.

It is such an easy dessert and perfect for those days when you want to drink but are home alone (and are the kinds that thinks drinking alone is just so sad.)